Wednesday, May 15, 2013

13 FREE Posters that Encourage Positive Thinking (and Reading)

Print all 13 posters here: Positive Posters

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I made these posters to teach positive thinking and stop all the whining and complaining. Reading the posters, talking about what they meant and practicing the ideals behind them helped the attitude of the entire class. I loved hearing them say these encouraging words to each other and to themselves when they were struggling.

AND it had an added bonus. The kids were reading the posters!

I would hang one poster up for an entire week. We read it together on Monday and talked about what it meant. Then we'd go over it every time we sat down for a story, or class meeting. By the end of the week many of the kids could read it on their own. When I got through all 13 posters I started over again. By the end of the year most of kids could read all the posters and their attitudes improved tremendously.

13 Free Printable Posters


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