About Me:
     I taught kindergarten or 1st grade for more than 10 years and am now a stay at home mom. I've also written curriculum and designed several reading and writing programs to help second language learners, as well as gifted and at-risk students.
     Before becoming a teacher I worked in publishing and journalism as a writer, editor and graphic designer. I currently live with my husband, son and two very silly dogs.

Where did all these worksheets and books come from?
      From years of not finding what I need to help emergent readers, non readers and second language learners practice their reading skills. There are definitely resources out there--but they're often too expensive or not worthwhile.

      When I couldn't find what the kids needed, I created it.

      I get my ideas all over the place, but mostly from the kids and understanding what they need. I started with printable readers for early emergent kindergartners. I needed more books that reinforced sentence and word boundaries, and taught high-frequency words. Some kids had difficulty connecting spoken-word and written-words, so I put dots underneath that helped them point while they read.
For 1st graders I created worksheets that helped kids focus on "chunks," or word families, because what I found on the Internet was not helping them practice using these sounds. When children can write, color, cut, trace and connect with the work they're doing it becomes more meaningful which helps them retain the information.

      The more I taught, the more I needed. I could spend hours searching online or through our schools out-dated Mailbox magazines, or spend 10 minutes creating exactly what I needed.

      Teachers began asking to use my worksheets and books, then parents wanted to take them home for their kids, so I decided to put them on the Internet for anyone to use.

What about the movement away from worksheets?
      While I probably only used worksheets about 10 to 20% of the time, they are a necessity--especially with the little ones who are learning to write, color and cut. One of the reasons I created my own was because too much of what I found online was a waste of time and paper. I created worksheets that allowed the kids to practice what they were learning in the classroom. Worksheets that encouraged them to read, to write and to think. If they're thinking and learning and reading and writing and sharing then it isn't a waste of time or paper.
Worksheets are also a way to get written assessments, help kids practice handwriting, sentence construction and following directions.

Why is it all free?
      Because I was a teacher. Because I was a teacher with school loans and a mortgage. Because teachers put enough of their own money into their jobs--something most professions aren't expected to do. Because teachers who share and help each other help more children than a teacher who works alone. And isn't that the point?

Converting all my files to PDFs and uploading to blogger is super time-consuming so keep checking back--I'll be adding more every week!


  1. I love the helping attitude you have! If only more in the world would share this attitude...I can't wait to look around more on the blog & see what helpful things I can find to use either w/ my own 2 girls or with therapy clients!! :o)

  2. You are fantastic! Not only your work is excellent, but your attitude of sharing with all of us..... contagious!

    Congrats on your first baby! LOVED the nursery..... very very cute!

    Carol <<<-----34 years teaching and still going strong!

  3. These activities are such a great help! Making my work easy and teaching more fun! I have much time with the kids than making worksheets! More power to you and more new worksheets to come!