*Printable BOOKS (PK-K)

These are books I created to help my little ones who were struggling with word boundaries, sight words and alphabet skills.  They loved having their own books they could color, write on and keep in their book boxes. 
I laminated a few for the classroom too.

Instructions: Click on the title, not the picture. Print, make copies, cut along the dotted line, stack pages and staple.

Putting these together is very kid friendly, as there are no page numbers. As long as the title page is on top, the page order doesn't matter. Use the dots under the words to reinforce word boundaries and pointing while reading.

School book Repetitive words: I, have

Farm Animals book Repetitive words: lives, on, farm

Firefighter book  Repetitive words: I, see, a

Free Printable books from Disney: 

Brave and Tangled
Cars and Toy Story
(from 123 Homeschool 4 Me)


For letter studies and high-frequency words:

Letter Aa book--easy Repetitive word: The

Letter Bb book--easy Repetitive word: The

Letter Cc book Repetitive words: Here, is, a

Letter Dd book Repetitive words: Here, is, a

Letter Ee book Repetitive words: An

Letter Ff book Repetitive words: Here, is, a

Letter Gg book Repetitive words: Here, is, a

Letter Hh book Repetitive words: I, see, a

Letter Ii book Repetitive words: I, see, a

Letter Jj book Repetitive words: I, see, a

Letter Kk book Repetitive words: I, see, a

Letter Ll book Repetitive words: I, see, a

Letter Mm book Repetitive words: I, see, two

Letter Nn book Repetitive words: The

Letter Oo book Repetitive words: The, big

Letter Pp book Repetitive words: This, is

Letter Qq book Repetitive words: This, is

Letter Rr book Repetitive words: A, and

Letter Ss book Repetitive words: A, and

Letter Tt book Repetitive words: A, and

Letter Uu book Repetitive words: is, for

Letter Vv book Repetitive words: is, for

Letter Ww book Repetitive words: I, see, a

Letter Xx book Repetitive words: I, see, a

Letter Yy book Repetitive words: I, see

Letter Zz book Repetitive words: I, see, a

Books that are more challenging:

Letter Bb book-harder End of 1st grade, focusing on harder vocabulary and lower case "b."
(I made this book for 1st graders struggling with "b" and "d" confusion.)

More PDFs coming soon!!


  1. My class loves these books. Perfect for those brand new readers and they love that they get to take them home.


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  2. Ty now I have help to learn my children to say words

  3. Great! Am pinning these to my 'emergent reader' board.

  4. love this blog! Will use with my students!

  5. I follow your blog. I have several of Management CDs. They are great! I love using this cds.

    Kannmani DVD's

  6. Great little books! Using them in early learner ESL classes.

  7. My son is loving these books! He looks forward to a new book every week when a new letter is introduced in his PreK class! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  8. I'm so glad you're all finding these books helpful and your kids are enjoying them.

    1. You put a lot of thought and time into these. Thank you!!!

  9. This is great! Thanks!

  10. Thank you for being so generous and sharing these for free!

  11. Here is another website that has a ton of free printable books as well


  12. Thank you for this creative, well thought out resource! Can't wait to use it with my students!

  13. This is amazing for my NEP! Thank you so much!:)

  14. What would you recommend for a beginner? I'd like to make books in Spanish for my daughter & personalize the. What programs, graphic tools would you recommend? Thanks in advance!

    1. I only use Publisher to create printable materials. It's the only program I know, so I'm pretty restricted. Others I've looked into have not given me the options for creativity that Publisher does. The downside is that there is no equivalent for Macs, so I had to get a PC for my blog. Good luck!

  15. Thank you! I use this site with my 4 year old. She loves all of the books we have read thus far. This site is amazing! Thanks again for all your hard work!

  16. Love the books. Thank you so much for sharing. I teach English as a second language and these are going to be invaluable.

  17. These are fabulous! Please share more when you can!

  18. Thanks a lot! I have been looking for such a resource all over the web.

  19. Thank you so much. I work in a school with NO resources for books so now I can send some home...

  20. Got this idea from my granddaughter's PK. Just wondering...why is there a picture of an IVY instead of a FOX with the letter X book?